Gorg - Mental Health for Teens

The most accessible and inclusive mental health support for teens. Gorg is your personal chat buddy, helping you feel heard when opening up to a therapist is too hard.

Journaling Reinvented

"Personally, I have never been capable of sitting down and writing in a journal or even a traditional digital journal. I just can't focus, and I feel like I can't get my feelings down without wandering away and forgetting to ever do it. In today's society where social media is causing teens' attention spans are constantly shrinking, It's no wonder it can be a struggle for many to keep in touch with their mental health. This is why I created Gorg, to revolutionize the way that teens keep in touch with their mental health." -Daniel Martinez

Introducing Gorg, the AI chat buddy that's always there for you.

With Gorg, you can chat anytime, anywhere and receive support for your mental health. Gorg's intelligent conversation will make you feel heard and understood.

With its minimalistic mood tracking feature, Gorg sends two notifications a day to ask how you're feeling and offers to chat if you need someone to talk to.

Download Gorg today and feel the difference.

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