Backed by Microsoft. Your co-pilot for grading written assignments. Leverage cutting-edge Generative AI technology to save time by streamlining the grading process, while reducing bias.

Your co-pilot for grading written assignments.

GradeAssist is the modern assistant for grading students' written assignments. Equipped with innovative artificial intelligence technology including natural language machine learning, the platform provides feedback and creates graphs based on the criteria and other relevant information from the given writing piece. It will help teachers to streamline the grading process, avoid biases and focus their time on educating.

GradeAssist was built for teachers, who have to sacrifice their own time and well-being in order to assess assignments turned in by students, which in turn affects the quality of education that they are able to provide for the students.

Our mission is to provide relief to teachers from this intense and consistent workload, so that not only they can further enjoy teaching, but students can also receive a finer education, and benefit from better student success opportunities.