Co-Founder @ Kew.

Developed a realtime song requests software that automatically prioritizes the top requests. No more boring songs. Now the DJ knows what you want to hear.

πŸŽ‰ Kew - Song requests made easy. πŸŽ‰

Kew is a software that makes it super easy for DJs to receive song requests at parties and for partygoers to send them! Simply scan the QR code search for a song to add the request to the queue. The DJ will receive all the song requests in real-time, sorted by popular request.

Pumped for semi-formal or prom but the DJ just doesn't deliver? 🎧 Music is crucial for setting the mood and nobody wants to be stuck with boring tunes when there are so many bangers out there. Can't blame the DJ though, how are they supposed to know your taste? That’s where Kew steps in! No more waiting in line to request a song β€” do it via Kew. Want your song played sooner? Pay the DJ a tip to get your song boosted to the top, OR you can get a shoutout too! Enjoy your night your way, and see what others are vibing to by checking out the next songs in the Kew. 🎡

Instead of wasting time and energy walking to the DJ booth, simply queue your song requests on Kew. Your song request instantly gets sent straight to the DJ’s screen. The platform automatically prioritizes the most highly requested songs to keep the majority grooving. πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ Don't like the songs playing and want to hear your song sooner? GREAT NEWS: with Kew Tips, you can send the DJ a tip to bump your song to the top. And if you're with that special someone when the mood for a slow dance hits, pay a small fee for an unforgettable experience. 🌌

πŸ› οΈ The Process

For this project, we embraced React.js for front-end development. With Vite, we built a snappy and optimized web application. We also integrated the Spotify API for a vast range of music recommendations. 🎀

πŸ’Έ Payment Processing with Stripe

We make it super easy to send Kew Tips to the DJ, providing one click options including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Link (by Stripe) One Click Checkout.

πŸ“š Stack

  • React + Vite + Tailwind CSS
  • Firebase + Firestore
  • Stripe API
  • Spotify API
  • Google OAuth


The Kew software is proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws. It is not an open source project and is not available for unauthorized use, modification, or distribution. Copying or redistributing any part of this software without explicit authorization is strictly prohibited. We have a legal team in place that actively monitors and enforces our intellectual property rights. Unauthorized copying, modification, or distribution of the Kew software may result in legal action. By using this software, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions set forth in the accompanying license agreement.